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Novated Leasing Simplified

Unlock Incredible Savings on Your Dream Car

How It Works

Novated leasing simplifies the process of acquiring and owning a vehicle by involving three primary parties: you as the employee, your employer, and the leasing company. Here’s a step-by-step guide to understanding how novated leasing works and the roles each party plays in the process:

The first step in novated leasing is selecting the car you desire. Whether it’s a brand new model straight from the showroom or a reliable used vehicle, the choice is entirely yours. This flexibility allows you to drive the car of your dreams without the burden of hefty upfront costs.

Once you’ve chosen your vehicle, a novated lease is established. This agreement involves you, your employer, and the leasing company. It effectively transfers the responsibility for lease payments and other associated expenses from you to your employer. This means that your employer takes care of the lease payments using a portion of your pre-tax salary.

Through a salary sacrifice arrangement, a predetermined portion of your pre-tax salary is allocated to cover the lease payments and other vehicle-related expenses. This arrangement offers potential tax benefits as the lease payments are deducted before tax, potentially reducing your taxable income and overall tax liabilities.

With the novated lease payments deducted directly from your pre-tax salary, you can enjoy the convenience of having all your vehicle expenses seamlessly managed. This includes not just lease payments but also expenses like fuel, maintenance, registration, and insurance. Additionally, the potential tax savings further enhance the affordability of owning and maintaining your chosen vehicle.

Novated leasing streamlines the car ownership experience, allowing you to focus on the joy of driving while benefiting from potential tax savings and financial convenience.

The Meaning Behind The Numbers

Our calculator provides you with an estimate of the monthly payments and the overall savings you can expect with a novated lease. These figures give you an idea of the financial benefits of opting for a novated lease and can guide you in making an informed decision about your car financing options.

Ready to experience the benefits of novated leasing?

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