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novated lease guide for employers

What Are The Novated Lease Benefits For Employers?

At the heart of novated leasing lies a mutually beneficial arrangement between an employer, an employee, and a leasing provider. 

This three-way agreement enables employees to lease a vehicle of their choice, with the employer agreeing to make lease payments directly from the employee’s pre-tax salary. This setup offers a wealth of advantages for employers, including:

Novated leasing provides significant tax advantages for employers by structuring lease payments as pre-tax deductions, resulting in reduced overall tax liabilities and tangible cost savings.

Employers gain greater control and flexibility over their vehicle fleet with novated leasing, streamlining fleet management for optimal utilisation and cost-effectiveness, enabling informed decisions aligned with evolving business needs.

Novated leasing empowers employers to manage vehicle-related expenses effectively by bundling costs into a single, predictable payment, improving budget predictability, reducing administrative burdens, and allowing for better financial planning and resource allocation.

Offering novated leasing as a benefit can boost morale and retention, showcasing employer commitment to employee well-being, providing financial advantages, fostering engagement, and enhancing productivity and loyalty.

Novated leasing supports sustainability initiatives by encouraging eco-friendly commuting choices, such as fuel-efficient or electric vehicles, aligning with corporate environmental goals and promoting a greener footprint.

How Does It Works

Navigating the novated leasing process for employees can be a seamless experience for employers. Here’s a closer look at the key steps involved:

To get a clear estimate of the potential savings and benefits of a novated lease for an EV, use our Novated Leasing Calculator.

Technical & Legal Considerations For Employers

Employers have specific responsibilities in a novated leasing arrangement, such as managing the employee contracts, facilitating payroll deductions, and providing support to employees throughout the lease term.

Employers should understand the termination clauses and contract renewal options within the novated leasing agreement. This knowledge enables them to make informed decisions about the longevity of the arrangement.

Employers should collaborate with the novated leasing provider to establish guidelines for vehicle maintenance and servicing. This ensures that the leased vehicles are well-maintained, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Employers must grasp novated leasing’s insurance requirements, ensuring comprehensive coverage and procedures for vehicle replacement in case of accidents or damages, safeguarding assets and minimising financial risks.

Employers should assess the financial implications of novated leasing, including budgetary considerations, cash flow impact, and tax benefits, to ensure it aligns with their financial objectives and strategies.

Novated Lease Benefits For Employers: Tax Implications

Novated leasing offers significant tax advantages for employers. By structuring lease payments as part of an employee’s salary package, employers can reduce their overall tax liabilities, as these payments are considered pre-tax deductions. This translates to tangible cost savings that can be reinvested into the business or used to enhance employee benefits further.

Additionally, novated leasing providers often work closely with employers to optimise the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) implications, minimising the tax burden and maximising the financial benefits for both the employer and the employee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reputable novated lease providers are adept at minimising or eliminating FBT liabilities for employers. By employing strategic methodologies and adhering to relevant regulations, they strive to offset any potential FBT exposure, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective experience for the employer.

When an employee departs from the organisation, the novated lease agreement remains intact. The employer’s role in facilitating the payments ceases upon the employee’s termination, effectively transferring the lease and its associated obligations to the former employee.

While some providers may attempt to impose exclusivity clauses, reputable novated lease companies understand the importance of flexibility and autonomy for employers. These providers typically do not require employers to sign restrictive contracts or agreements, leaving the choice of provider open and allowing for easy transitions if desired.

The employer’s primary responsibilities in a novated leasing arrangement are twofold: first, to facilitate the connection with a reputable novated lease provider, and second, to deduct the necessary lease payments from the employee’s salary and remit them to the provider.

 Novated leasing is a viable option for employers across a wide range of industries and sectors, including corporate entities, government organisations, and non-profit organisations.

Why choose a novated lease provider for EVs with FBT exemption?

Reputable providers have in-depth knowledge of the FBT exemption regulations and can guide you through the application process, ensuring compliance and maximising potential savings.

Many providers offer tailored packages that include not only the vehicle but also charging solutions, insurance, maintenance, and other related services, providing a seamless ownership experience.

Novated lease providers can offer ongoing support throughout the lease term, keeping you informed about any legislative changes or updates that may impact your FBT exemption status.