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Car Lease Melbourne | Novated Leasing Online
Car Lease Melbourne | Novated Leasing Online

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At Novated Leasing Online, we're recognized as Australia's top novated lease specialists, serving both individuals and corporate clients with efficient vehicle finance solutions. With a focus on innovation, we continually update our offerings to ensure clients access the latest and most beneficial novated leasing options. Our expertise and commitment to excellence make us the go-to choice for anyone seeking seamless and cost-effective vehicle finance solutions.

Whether you're an individual aiming to optimise your car finance or a business in need of fleet management solutions, Novated Leasing Online is your trusted partner. Our experienced team provides personalised guidance throughout the novated leasing process, delivering unparalleled service and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals with ease.

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Novated leasing is a financial arrangement where an employee leases a vehicle using their pre-tax income. It involves a three-way agreement between the employee, their employer, and a leasing company. The employee selects a vehicle of their choice and enters into a lease agreement with the leasing company. The employer then takes on the responsibility of deducting lease payments and other related expenses, such as fuel and maintenance, from the employee's pre-tax salary.

Novated leasing works through salary packaging a car lease to reduce taxable income and save money. Novated leasing operates on the concept of salary packaging, where certain expenses, such as car leases, are deducted from an employee's pre-tax salary. The employee chooses a vehicle and negotiates a lease agreement with a leasing company. The employer then facilitates the novated lease by deducting lease payments, along with other associated costs like fuel, servicing, and insurance, from the employee's salary before taxes are applied.

While novated leasing is a popular option for many employees, it is important to note that eligibility criteria may vary depending on the employer and leasing provider. Generally, employees who receive a regular salary or wage are eligible to apply for novated leasing. However, approval is subject to the employer's policies and requirements.

A novated lease covers various vehicle-related expenses, such as lease repayments, fuel costs, maintenance and servicing, registration, insurance, and even some optional extras like roadside assistance.

Novated leasing may be suitable for employees who use a car for work purposes and want to enjoy the benefits of tax savings and convenience. However, individual circumstances and financial goals should be considered before opting for a novated lease.

Generally, novated leasing allows flexibility in choosing a car, including new or used vehicles from authorised dealerships. However, there may be restrictions on the age, type, and value of the vehicle, so it's essential to check with your leasing provider.

Novated leasing differs from traditional car financing as it involves a three-way agreement between the employee, employer, and leasing provider. It offers potential tax advantages, spreads the cost of car ownership, and may include additional benefits like maintenance and fuel management, unlike traditional loans or leases.


Our Simple Process for Novated Leasing in Australia

Step 1 - Choose Your Ideal Vehicle

When opting for novated leasing in Australia, the first step is selecting the vehicle that suits your needs and preferences. Whether it's a reliable sedan, a spacious SUV, or an eco-friendly hybrid, we guide you through the process of choosing the perfect car for your novated lease.

Step 2 - Calculate Tax Benefits

After choosing your vehicle, we dive into the financial aspects of novated leasing in Australia. Our team calculates the tax benefits you can enjoy, including potential savings on income tax and GST. We ensure that you understand the financial advantages of novated leasing before proceeding with your lease agreement.

Step 3 - Drive with Ease

With the formalities sorted, it's time to hit the road and enjoy your new car stress-free. Our comprehensive novated leasing services in Australia cover all vehicle-related expenses, from registration and insurance to maintenance and fuel costs. Experience the convenience of managing all your car expenses effortlessly under your novated lease agreement.

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Car Lease Sydney | Novated Leasing Online


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