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Car Lease Melbourne | Novated Leasing Online
Car Lease Melbourne | Novated Leasing Online

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Novated Leasing Online offers individuals the opportunity to lease cars through specialised agreements. Our three-way agreements with employers and employees enable the financing of new or used vehicles.

As a leading specialist in novated leases in Australia, we stand out for our commitment to providing the latest and most effective vehicle finance options. Our unique three-way lease agreements offer numerous lease benefits, including tax benefits, flexibility in car leases, and cost savings on running expenses. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring a seamless and beneficial leasing experience for all parties involved.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Novated Leasing Online
for Car Leasing in Australia

Unlock Exceptional Benefits: Lease Cars with Novated Leasing Online in Australia

Comprehensive Tax Benefits

Our novated lease agreements provide significant tax advantages, allowing employees to save on both income tax and GST on vehicle expenses. This results in considerable cost savings over the lease term.

Flexible Vehicle Options

Whether you’re looking to finance a new or used car, our flexible agreements cater to your preferences and budget, ensuring you drive the vehicle that suits your needs.

Seamless Process

We simplify the leasing process with our streamlined, user-friendly platform. From application to approval and vehicle delivery, our team ensures a hassle-free experience.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Novated Leasing Online offers competitive pricing and transparent agreements, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Our partnerships with leading suppliers and financiers allow us to pass on substantial savings to our clients.

Expert Support and Guidance

Our team of experienced professionals provides personalised support throughout your leasing journey. We are committed to helping you understand the benefits, navigate the process, and maximise your savings.
Service Offerings

Our Services

Experience the Freedom of Novated Leasing Online Services!

Novated Leasing Administration

We simplify the setup and management of novated lease agreements for employers and employees, ensuring hassle-free lease repayments, tax salary compliance, and regular monthly payments.

Car Lease Services

We provide comprehensive support for acquiring and managing vehicles through car lease arrangements.

Salary Sacrifice

Tax and Financial Advice

We give expert guidance on tax benefits and financial implications of novated leasing arrangements.

Salary Packaging Car

Novated Lease EV

Discover the advantages of novated leasing for electric car or electric vehicle and reduce your taxable income.

fbt ev exemption

End-of-Lease Options

Explore flexible end-of-lease options to maximise benefits and manage your taxable income effectively.

how does salary packaging a car work

Industries We Service:

Corporate Sector

We streamline vehicle financing for businesses and their employees with tailored salary packaging arrangements.

Government Organisations

We provide government entities with tax-efficient vehicle leasing solutions for their staff.

Non-Profit Organisations

We offer non-profits cost-effective vehicle leasing options through innovative salary packaging.

Novated Leasing Online: Your Path to Driving Your New Car

Here's how we can help you navigate through the process of getting a Novated Lease and driving your new car:

Check Eligibility:

Confirm with your employer that you are eligible to salary package for a novated lease.

Calculate Costs

Estimate your annual kilometres and gross salary to understand your financial standing.

Choose a Vehicle

Select a vehicle and obtain a price from your dealer or use our car buying service.

Request a Quote

Contact Novated Leasing Online for a comprehensive Novated Lease quote.

Review Your Quote

Your finance consultant will provide a detailed quote showing cost savings and salary impacts.

Proceed with Application

Once you're ready, sign the quote with your employer and complete a quick finance application.

Order Your Car

Upon finance approval, we'll order your car from the dealer and finalise necessary paperwork.

Settle Finance

Your finance consultant will draw up finance contracts for signing by you and your employer.

Collect Your Car

Once settlement is complete, collect your new car from the dealer.

Receive Your Drivers Pack

Within seven working days, receive your drivers pack and fuel card.

At Novated Leasing Online, we strive to make the process smooth and efficient, ensuring you get behind the wheel of your new car in no time.

Car Lease Sydney | Novated Leasing Online
Car Lease Sydney | Novated Leasing Online


Car Leased

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Fleet Management Solutions

Discover the benefits of novated leasing for corporate fleet management with Novated Leasing Online.

Cost Savings

We leverage our partnerships with leading vehicle suppliers and financiers to negotiate competitive pricing and fleet discounts for vehicle purchases and running costs. Our expertise in structuring novated leases ensures businesses and employees can enjoy maximum savings on maintenance, fuel, and insurance.

Simplified Administration

Our intuitive platform and dedicated support team simplify fleet management by consolidating all vehicle-related expenses into a single, easy-to-manage payment. We handle the administrative tasks, allowing businesses to focus on core operations without the burden of complex fleet management.

Employee Satisfaction

We offer a user-friendly experience for employees, making it easy to browse and select vehicles, manage lease details, and track expenses. Our personalised support and guidance ensure that employees are satisfied with their novated lease arrangements, enhancing overall job satisfaction and retention.

Tax Advantages

We maximise tax benefits for businesses and employees through expert guidance on GST savings, tax deductions, and salary packaging strategies. Our team ensures that businesses and employees fully leverage available tax advantages, resulting in substantial cost savings.


We provide flexibility in lease structures, allowing businesses to tailor agreements to their specific needs. Whether it’s choosing from a wide range of vehicles or adjusting lease terms, our platform accommodates the unique requirements of each corporate fleet.

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Novated leasing can be a smart choice, providing tax benefits, simplified budgeting through salary deductions, and a finance lease option that spreads costs over time. However, its suitability hinges on your specific financial situation and goals, especially regarding taxable income. For personalised guidance, consulting with a financial advisor is recommended to assess the alignment of a novated lease with your buying power, needs, and financial objectives.

Compared to a car loan, at the end of a novated lease term, you have the option to either purchase the vehicle outright, refinance the residual value, or return the vehicle to the leasing company. The choice is yours, providing flexibility based on your preferences and financial situation.

Yes, a novated lease involves salary packaging, which is a form of salary sacrifice. It allows you to use a portion of your pre-tax income to cover the costs associated with leasing and running a vehicle. This can result in tax savings and potentially lower overall expenses.

In simple terms, a novated lease is a three-way agreement between you, your employer, and a leasing company. It enables you to lease your choice of vehicle from a list of eligible vehicles, using a combination of pre-tax and post-tax income, providing tax benefits and making vehicle ownership more affordable and manageable.


We value our customers’
feedback and experiences.

We value our customers' feedback and experiences, and we're here to provide transparent and reliable information to help you make informed decisions about novated leasing.

The consultant's expert advice led me to opt for salary packaging instead of a car loan, resulting in substantial savings. Our company now benefits from this smart financial move.


Rumble Resources

The team provided outstanding service, and the fuel card has been incredibly convenient. The after-sales support is appreciated, and I wouldn't hesitate to lease again in the future.


NSW Department Of Corrective Services

The team provided outstanding service, and the fuel card has been incredibly convenient. The after-sales support is appreciated, and I wouldn't hesitate to lease again in the future.


NSW Department Of Corrective Services

The process was efficient and smooth, allowing me to get my new car within days. It was much faster compared to my previous novated lease experience with another salary packaging provider.


NSW Government Employee

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